GEMSTONE Bracelet box

A subscription box filled with magical genuine gemstone bracelets delivered to your doorstep every month!

GEMSTONE bracelet
subscription box

Ready to take your first step towards building a precious Healing Bracelet Collection? Every month you’ll receive three intuitively selected ethically sourced Genuine Gemstone Bracelets. 

how does it work?

1. Subscribe

Get ready to start your Gemstone Bracelet Stack with intuitvely selected genuine natrual stones. 

♥ 3 Stretch Bracelets in each box.

♥ All boxes ship out on the 1st of every month. 

♥ Cancel anytime, no commitments! 

2. Sit back & relax

We will curate your first box with intuitively selected Gemstone Bracelets. These powerful gemstones will be chosen from a variety of different intentions such as abundance, chakra, peace, love, happiness, etc. 

♥ Dont worry, you'll never receive the same Gemstone Bracelet twice!

3. Receive your box

Get ready to dress your wrist with powerful charming Gemstone Bracelets! This is the start to your healing journey or maginifying your mediation and healing practices. 

Loved around the world


my box came with some crystals I didn't know and don't have it is a good selection. Its very worth the price, I cant wait for the upcoming boxes

Canby, OR

My first box was smooth arrived to me, no issue. I received the higher crystals pyrite, ruby zoiste, and garnet! I was expeciting the basic ones but i am so happy with my selection!

Renee W.
Salt Lake City, UT

I LOVE MY BOX, bracelets are very cute! great material i cant wait for the next ones. Soon i will have the stack ives always wanted but never could buy at regular price.

Francheska R.
Boston, MA

Made to last

We want you to be happy with your purchase, 100% quality guaranteed!

high demand

Loved on Instagram! Limited stock only — one of a kind pieces. 

Natural Gemstones

Our stones are 100% natural and sourced from all over the globe.